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Antiques are a mirror of all our collective pasts.

At Abington Antiques, we aim to curate antiques that give you the opportunity to recycle that collective past to form your present and help create your future.

Our shop was created from the legacy of my parents' love of antiques, the shop is called after Abington Park in Northampton where they got engaged and our team is passionate about preserving these treasures.

Explore our wide range of unique and timeless pieces that will add character and history to your space.

'We celebrate the past to awaken the future'

John F Kennedy

See our collections to awaken your future

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy antiques?

Antiques are a mirror of all our collective pasts. They allow us to recycle our past to form our present and help create our future.

How do I know if an antique is genuine?

Authenticity can be determined through various factors such as maker's marks, materials used, age, and provenance. Consulting experts can help verify the authenticity of an item.

Are antiques a good investment?

Antiques can be a good investment as their value often appreciates over time. However, it's important to do thorough research before making any purchases.

What should I consider when buying antiques?

When buying antiques, consider factors like condition, authenticity, provenance, and research the market value to make an informed decision.

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